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Weathering the COVID-19 Storm: Two Venue Owner’s Stories

I spoke with two local, Hudson Valley restaurant owners, Matt Crossett, co-owner of The Yorktown Grille and Drew Claxton, who co-owns the BeanRunner Café in Peekskill, NY along with her husband Ted. Both have weathered the storm and have stayed open using both practical strategies and creative ideas to encourage business.

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Light Warriors Latest Release Reaches Highest Frequency

Light Warrior’s new release “One” feels like a plea on some levels. Not a call to action or an idealistic ungrounded declaration. It’s a discussion, a series of observations, seeking and speaking truth.

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Loving the Live-Streamed Concerts? Hell yeah!!

Don’t get me wrong I love hanging out at my local venues and hearing my favorite musicians perform live in-person, but this pandemic forced me and all of us to seek our entertainment in other ways. For me it’s predominantly through live-streams.