Feature Your Events

Do you want to highlight, promote, or “feature” your specific event on HearItThere.com? Featuring your event imbues it with a number of special properties that make it stand out from non-featured events on the calendar.

Cost: $35/event. 

There are several benefits to featuring your event(s). First, it will be highlighted with a background color and stand out from the rest of the listings! Second, it will have its own block on the home page above the advertisements that links to your HearItThere event page! The featured event will be displayed for one full week prior to the show (or earlier if you are trying to sell advance tickets).

Featured events will also get more social media attention on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

BONUS! We will also FEATURE the event in our Newsletters to subscribers!

If you have any questions about featuring an event on the website or newsletter contact: info@hearitthere.com

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