Concert Review

We’re so lucky! LIVE MUSIC in the Hudson Valley & western Connecticut

This is a reflection I wrote last weekend that I never published and now in retrospect, am really glad I didn’t. Yes, we are lucky, as I suggest in the original blog, but now we really must consider taking serious precautions. For now I’ll look back at last weekend's music and look forward to the music resuming, hopefully soon!!

Hear It There Premieres First House Concert!

Fabio Mittino and Bert Lams (California Guitar Trio) performed their beautiful guitar arrangements at HearItThere's first house concert. “About the wonderful opportunity you gave us Saturday night… To have experienced the level of musicianship we were treated to in your living room remains a high in our lives, and one that bears repeating!” ~ J. Robinson, Westchester, NY

Concert Reflection “The Genesis Show” at Ridgefield Playhouse 1/4/2020

I should preface this blog by saying I’m not one that seeks out music events presented by tribute bands. I know there are so many of them out there that everyone loves and adores. In a nostalgic spirit I decided to see a Genesis tribute band called “The Genesis Show” and had a great time!