Sunday, March 15, 2020

By Elisa Zuckerberg, Founder of

This is a reflection I wrote last weekend that I never published and now in retrospect, am really glad I didn’t. Yes, we are lucky, as I suggest in the original blog, but now we really must consider taking serious precautions or waiting a bit before we can venture out to public places where a lot of people gather. Hopefully the coronavirus spread will be contained sooner than later. Certainly, at some point life will go back to normal, but for now I’ll look back at last weekend’s music and look forward to the music resuming, hopefully soon!!

These are all great artists and we really do have so much to look forward to! Please READ, LISTEN and also consider following them, buying their albums or songs, and going to see them when they perform next!

Originally written on March 9, 2020

WE’RE SO LUCKY! So much to see, so much to do!

Last week I had a great time visiting new live music venues in our region! Many of you have been cheering about these places, but I had yet to visit. I know the coronavirus is worrisome to many of us, but from what I saw, it didn’t stop people from going out and hearing live music!

On Thursday, March 5, two talented songwriters and musicians David Ray and Bruce T. Carroll, along with his incredible ensemble, performed at The Falcon in Marlboro, NY. I had heard through from both music fans and musicians alike that this is a great spot, but had never made it up there. The Falcon, a prominent music venue in the town of Marlboro, NY, is nestled along a flowing creek. The environment of its rustic interior and exterior surroundings creates a vibe that is both warm and welcoming and also surprisingly stately. Bruce (guitar/vocals) and the band who includes: Sara Milonovich (fiddle), Tommy Mandel (keys), Marc Shulman (guitar), Joe Bonadio (drums), and Lincoln Schlieffer (drums) are all superb musicians, pros. You know a band is good when there are moments of improvisation and musical freedom that you only see when the musicians know what’s going on. The audience senses it and I assume, it’s got to be more enjoyable for the artists too! Bruce’s songs are intense, both lyrically purposeful and often musically playful.

Learn more about Bruce and check out his upcoming shows:

The Dan Zlotnick Band’s Record Release Party on Friday, March 6 at The Winery at St. George, was just that, a celebration! Creativity, passion, and hard work clearly went into writing and producing his inspiring new album entitled “Day 3”.

When I walked into this incredible place, I was instantly greeted with a warm hello from John, the host. The room was full of Dan’s friends, family, fans and soon-to-be fans! Although I could only stay for the first set, as always Dan (guitar/vocals) and the band were fantastic! Dan’s band includes Al Hemberger (bass and also producer on his new album), Simon M.P. O’Keefe (organ and backup vocals), James Marchionno (drums), also Mary Hood on acoustic guitar and vocals, were fantastic.

On a personal note, Dan is planning on giving $3 from the sale of each CD to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Dan has been performing in the waiting room at the White Plains facility and has seen time and time again the joy that his music has given those who are waiting to be treated at Sloan. The song “Day 2 for Dina” was inspired by an exchange between Dan and a patient who came to hear him. “Trade your worries for a song.” As a child of a parent who is being treated at Sloan, Dan’s gesture took on a greater meaning for me.

Here’s a video from that night:


Check out Dan’s website, sample his new album, “Day 3” and buy it! Also subscribe to his newsletter to find out where he’s playing next!

On Sunday, March 8, I headed over to Nod Hill Brewery in Ridgefield, CT to see Americana artist “Ol’ Moose” Doug Anderson. Ol’ Moose is one of the best Americana artist and songwriters around. You wouldn’t know that there was a virus threat in this place. It was packed full of people drinking, listening and enjoying the afternoon. Although he’s a great songwriter in his own right, the beer drinking audience typically loves covers and that’s what Ol’ Moose and his ensemble delivered: The Grateful Dead, Neil Young, Towns Van Zandt, but some originals too, thankfully.

Check out Ol’ Moose’s website:

Lesson here, WASH YOUR HANDS and then GO OUT and visit venues that you haven’t seen and listen to artists that you’ve never heard before!  We’re so lucky to have so many wonderful choices in the region!

As for myself, although I feel in the past two years I’ve covered a lot of territory, I look forward to visiting more venues and discovering new artists in the region this year!   HOPE YOU DO TOO!


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