Everyone loves music!

As avid concertgoers and lover of all genres of music, I attend a multitude of concerts and live music events year after year. Many of these shows are held in large theaters and concert halls, but many of my favorite shows are most always in smaller, more intimate places including historic concert halls, libraries, local pubs or farmer’s markets and coffeehouses.

It’s astonishing to see the amount of local talent there is every city and every town! And there are so many opportunities for music lovers to see and hear both rising stars and accomplished musicians right in their own backyards. This is true for the small town of Peekskill, NY as it is in Allentown, PA , but applies to communities all over the country.

But the big question is; where do music fans go, what resources to they use, when looking for nearby music events? The local paper, of course, neighborhood websites or town websites are good options, but have limited listings for live music. Sites like Ticketmaster typically share listings for shows at larger venues and have concert listings for mostly well-known artists. It takes a lot of detective work to find just the right kind of show that doesn’t make people travel long distances to see.

Have fun browsing and finding shows! Even if you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, who knows, maybe you’ll discover a new genre of music, a new place to eat and fall in love with artists who you never knew about before.

We’re still relatively new but growing everyday! I hope to broaden the geography soon! So we’re asking you to PLEASE spread the word! We’re always looking for new live music venues, event organizers (including fund-raising events!), and definitely asking for music fans to join our mailing list!

Thanks for checking us out!

Elisa Zuckerberg – Founder of HearItThere.com



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