October 14, 2019 

by Melanie Berti, co-host of The Songwriters’ Block on Pawling Public Radio

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, or the Four Horsemen for short (hey, easy with the short jokes!)  are back in the saddle and making the rounds. The four singer-songwriters, jokingly dubbed as the Horsemen by fellow musician John Kane, include David Ray (War), Mike Latini (Famine), Dave Goldenberg  (Pestilence) and George Mallas (Death… though he’s the baby, and likes to remind them every chance he gets).

Each is a well respected musician in their own right, from the local Hudson Valley/Western Connecticut area.  But when they play as the Horsemen it’s all about the chemistry.  These four play off each other like lifelong friends, despite having played together for just a couple years. They don’t play as a band, but rather as a band of brothers, each playing his own unique style and brand of the genre. They perform song-circle style, and as they try to one-up each other in talent and cheekiness, the night just gets better and better.

David Ray is an incredible musician who has shared the stage with Joan Osborne and whose songs have been sung by Shawn Colvin.  Watching him play is like watching a master paint… you’ll want to just sit back and take it all in. His lyrics are clever and his songs toe-tapping. Trust Me will work you into a lather, while So I Run hits a little deeper. And then there’s You Put the Sin in Wisconsin… need we say more?

David Ray sings about his favorite left-handed Swiss nurse. Check out this and more by David on ReverbNation

“Each of these writer/performers is a favorite of mine, with funny, clever, beautiful songs — I’m honored to be part of the herd,” says David.

Mike Latini is a true storyteller, and his engaging personal style and unique lyrical perspective enable him to ride the rails from the sublime to the ridiculous (we’re talking to YOU, Only a Dream), and all the stops in between. With a new album forthcoming, we can’t wait to hear some new tunes, but the old ones are oh, so good.  You’ll reminisce along with Mike as he sings about dear Margaret McClaine, and we dare you not to sing along to Prairie Rose.

Mike Latini dreams big! Check it out on YouTube

“We share a certain level of awareness and skill, and a basic solo singer approach. But beyond those commonalities our songs and styles are very different. I think that can be very interesting to an audience; it is to me,” says Mike.

Watch for Mike’s new album, Iron City, in all the usual places. http://www.mikelatini.com/music

Funny man Dave Goldenberg brings an unexpected levity with his side-splitting songs about everything from vegetarianism (it’s okay, he’s a vegetarian, too) to stoners… and all in good fun. And you know he’s good, because he has opened for some greats like Joan Rivers and Paul Reiser locally. He will not only tickle your funny bone, but make you stop and take notice of some of the absurdities in our day-to-day lives. His Praise Cheeses is a love song about — you guessed it — cheese, with 37 (count ’em) puns that will have you laughing out loud. G-A-Y is a history lesson set to music, and The Connecticut Song will give Sinatra’s New York, New York a run for its money. You can find several of Dave’s music videos on YouTube.

Dave Goldenberg strings you along ;)  Check it out on YouTube

“One of the great things about playing with my friends on stage is that I get to see them perform without having to pay,” Dave says, staying true to character.

George Mallas rounds out the foursome yet stands apart from the others, and not just because he’s a pianist.  His songs are more grounded in reality than the others, more serious… he’ll bring you right down after Goldenberg’s hilarity. Though George’s songs are melodic, they’re also emotional and sometimes raw, and the distinction lends itself perfectly to the group.  His piano-pounding Jenny, about “the older woman,” builds to a climax while the heartbreaking Lethal Dose, leaves audiences struck like a punch to the solar plexis (I’m not crying, you’re crying).

George Mallas takes a walk, this time with Kristin Flagg: watch on YouTube

“Following Goldenberg makes me feel like I ought to hand out anti-depressants to the audience. I’m going to bring them right back down to earth. But in a good way, I hope,” Mallas says.

Find George’s latest album, unscathed at his web site. http://www.mallas.com/music

If you haven’t seen The Four Horsemen, you’re really missing a (trick-or-) treat. See what I did there? That’s funny. Like, Dave Goldenberg funny. But seriously, the whole far exceeds the sum of the parts where these guys are concerned. But judge for yourself.

Hitch your wagon to mine and see the Horsemen this Friday, October 18 at 8pm when they ride into The Heights at Brother Vic’s in South Salem, NY.

For more info:
The Heights at Brother Vic’s
South Salem, NY
914.704.VICS (8427)

Melanie Berti is a full-time software engineer, and part-time lyricist and closet writer. She is co-host of The Songwriter’s Block on Pawling Public Radio.