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Tuesday, October 29, 2019   

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THE INFAMOUS STRINGDUSTERS: Performing LIVE Sunday, NOVEMBER 3 at The Wall Street Theater in NORWALK, CT!

The Infamous Stringdusters: Forward motion belies creativity and evolution. A staunch and unwavering commitment to progression is how an unassuming group of five friends can collectively become a GRAMMY® Award-winning force of nature. That’s exactly how it happened for The Infamous Stringdusters. Within thirteen years since their 2005 formation, the band—Travis Book [bass, vocals], Andy Falco [guitar, vocals], Jeremy Garrett [fiddle, vocals], Andy Hall [dobro, vocals], and Chris Pandolfi [banjo, vocals]— have consistently forged ahead, relentlessly exploring the musical possibilities of a “bluegrass ensemble” and breaking down boundaries in the process. (READ MORE ABOUT BAND HERE.)

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Mike Burns, Bluegrass musician and Westchester Bluegrass Club Manager, spoke with Andy Falco, the band’s guitarist about the new album, “Rise Sun” and the upcoming show The Wall Street Theater in Norwalk, Connecticut.

Have a listen to this dynamic and entertaining conversation about the music genre, the process of recording an album digitally. Mike and Andy talk about writing, recording, and producing “Rise Sun” on their own and their upcoming tour. Their album is available on in both digital CD and vinyl.


Warning: There are a couple of curse words in the dialogue ;).


Here are some of the highlights:

The Making of the Album “Rise Sun”

Mike Burns began the interview by asking about the new album and Andy shares with us the band’s approach to writing, recording, and producing “Rise Sun”.

“It was a really fun album to make. Every time we make a record it’s an evolution of some sort. (It starts)…we usually bring all our songs in, do show-and-tell and certain songs certain rise to the top or there are songs we all gravitate to. We narrow down and choose the ones that will go best together.”

Sequencing and tracking

“Early on we approached it as an album rather than a collection of individual songs. More than any other recording we could envision how this was going to go down. It was really about the benefit of sequencing the songs on the record and then tracking them in order, in the studio, then adding improvised transitions. (The album) almost plays down like a live set than a record.”

“We recorded everything live. We go in and play music and you can do little adds and colors…. Sometimes you hit on something and there is improv in there that you’re not going to do that again, and it works great! We say ‘that’s the one, that’s the track!’ This captures a performance and add-ons are deliberate.”

Live Show: Improvisation, Rhythm, Human Element

Make sure you listen to the interview how Andy describes the “human (music) element” in their music.

“We try to maintain some element of the human stuff that creates the great vibe of music. They’re NOT mistakes.”

“Rhythm is so important. A band like us who has been playing together for so many years. Really get dialed in with the rhythm stuff. The best moments of the show are group improvisational moments and everyone is listening, and the rhythm is pumping. Everyone finds a spot in the groove and playing with open ears.”

Mike and Andy Talk about Musical Influences

“For us, we have so many influences that come out in our music that runs the spectrum. Our band’s foundation and common denominator is Bluegrass, more so on our earlier records, and that is what connects the five of us. We all have different influences and they all come out.”

Mike and Andy talk technique

Bluegrass musicians will love when Mike and Andy talk about bluegrass guitar playing techniques and their record collections! Make sure you listen all the way to the end of the interview!

 The Infamous Stringdusters at The Wall Street Theater on Sunday, November 3 at 8:00 PM! We’re really looking forward to it!

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About Mike Burns

Mike Burns from Purdys NY has been writing songs for quite some time. With a sixth sense for writing beautiful, catchy melodies are his trademark, comforting voice, Mike Burns is well known for his family oriented performances and instantly familiar themes. His music is steeped in the old fashioned rural traditions of family, love, the spiritual path, inspiration, the simple life and doing right. Indeed several songs on his album, “Walk the Water’s Edge “ are about love for his wife, devotion and his faith in God. Mike’s song “M