Rockabilly legend Robert Gordon hits the Lucy’s stage for his first performance ever in Westchester with a powerful trio including: Steve Conte ( New York Dolls, Billy Squire) on Guitar, Rob Stoner (Don Mclean, Bob Dylan) Bass, Thommy Price (Joan Jett, Billy Idol) on Drums.

Robert and the band will perform their classic hits, Red Hot, Black Slacks, Rock Billy Boogie and more.

Break out your dancing shoes for a night you will never forget!

Duke Covone,  guitar player and Tuesday Night Live at Lucys weekly Jam, sat down for a conversation with Gordon about the upcoming “Up Close and Personal” Music Series* at Lucy’s Lounge in Pleasantville, New York.

A few minutes with Robert Gordon 

——Hi Robert. It’s good to see you.

Robert Gordon– It’s good to be seen.

——What’s new in the Robert Gordon story?

Robert Gordon– there’s so much going on. I’m not sure where to start.

– I hear you have new music coming out soon.

Robert Gordon– Yes! That’s always exciting for me, and fun. I love recording and getting new music out there to the fans.

-When can we expect to hear the album? And do you have any special guests you want to mention?

Robert Gordon— Well I’ll know more very soon, but this album should be out between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Yes, I do have several special guests but let’s save that until we’re closer to the release date.  I’m sure the fans are going to love it. It’s much closer to that Rockabilly feel that the fans want to hear from me. Some great stuff.

— What about concerts? Where can we look forward to seeing you?

Robert Gordon— it’s getting crazy with shows very shortly. Starting in September I’m pretty much covering the tri state area! We’re playing the Waywayanda Rock Festival for the first time. That’s going to be a real fun afternoon gig, and the whole weekend is about the music. That’s in New Hampton, NY.

Then we play a place that I’ve only heard great things about; Lucy’s Lounge. I hear great crowds, great sound, and a fantastic area. That’s in Pleasantville, NY. It’s my first time in Northern Westchester so I expect to see a lot of new faces in the crowd. Meeting more fans is always the best experience. It’s a real intimate club so the interaction with the crowd has me very excited for this show.

Then we have rehearsals and begin my run with my man, Chris Spedding. Chris and I have such a history together. I love his playing and I’m excited to have him for 12 shows!! Along with Rockin Rob Stoner and Thommy Price our band is second to none! Our rhythm section is what dreams are made of, man!

Those 12 shows will cover the tri state and for those dates, please look at

— That sounds amazing!

Robert Gordon— oh it’s going to be! People won’t want to let us leave the stage!

—- You have a tremendous track record of playing with great guitarists. You said Chris is doing a run of 12 shows. Who’s playing guitar when Chris isn’t?

Robert Gordon— oh, we don’t lose a step! I’m pleased to say Steve Conte is with me when Chris isn’t. Steve’s resume is top notch and his playing is undoubtably on the level of the players who have been there before him. I’m excited for the fans to hear it.

——-How’s the vocals these days?

Robert Gordon— people call me “the voice” and I’m happy to say I think I sound better than ever! I stopped smoking a few years back and it’s really helped me strengthen my vocals.

—— is there anything you want to leave the fans with?

Robert Gordon— Yes! We’ve been doing this for a long time together and I’m really looking forward to not only seeing you all and performing your favorite songs, but getting to speak with you, take some pictures, and sign some autographs …. Come down and help us to have a great time rocking the night away!

——- Thank you, Robert

Robert Gordon—- My pleasure, as always


Limited seating for a meet and greet with autographs, dinner and an intimate performance by Robert and his all-star lineup!

*The “Sunday Live at Lucy’s Up Close and Personal” is an intimate evening with Top National Acts. The goal of UCP is to give fans and musicians an opportunity to engage one on one and share music, stories and history.  Each event includes the chance to spend time with the talent before and after the show. More than just a performance, it is an evening to remember. Both artist and fans enjoy creating a personal connection that is often lost in large arenas. 

Robert Gordon performing “Someday Someway” (written by Marshall Crenshaw)