Written by Elle Sera, reflecting on her new release, “Beautiful Girl”.

February 15, 2019

“Beautiful Girl” has been an increasingly special song for me. Since first writing and performing it––which in itself was rocky with emotion and kinks––I received such a strong response of applause and favor that I knew I couldn’t set this song aside. So I chose this song as the piece to record with Nashville producer, Joe Carrell, when I had the opportunity to work with him through the support of Warm Audio this past January.   

Entering a room full of revered and seasoned Nashville musicians was such a magical experience. They hear the song for the first time and nail exactly where it should go musically. I was choked up with how aligned and “right” it felt. All the pieces fell into place with absolutely ALL the right people taking such good care of it; there’s an extreme joy to work with others that give 110% alongside you and to walk away from it with a few new friends to boot. I’m still not sure if the experience of making this song come to life surpasses the actual song or vice versa for me––but I’m happy to call it a tie for now.

Since the release of “Beautiful Girl,” I’ve been joyously overwhelmed with such positive, wonderful responses from friends, family and fans everywhere. Within less than a day, “Beautiful Girl” has landed on Spotify’s hit NEW MUSIC NASHVILLE playlist and I’m proud to announce there will soon be an official artist video coming soon to pair with it. I plan to keep all the love and passion folks have for me and this song spreading.

“Beautiful Girl” stems from a few places. One spark for it lies in the growing awareness of women’s issues the past few years, and––more personally––getting in touch with my own feelings on them. Common themes like the expectation and requirement to be “pretty,” taking on a certain a persona, not letting your guard down, or not crying or showing your sensitivity publicly. We are unfairly called to cover the things that have challenged or hurt us in the past instead of embracing our story. Scars are beautiful, challenges are beautiful and from all these things we learn strength and we learn growth. That is what makes someone beautiful to me. The old saying, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover,” and “it’s what’s on the inside that matters,” were strong messages for me at the time I wrote this song. I want to be seen beyond what you think you know or see and maybe that’s true for all of us. We are all perfectly flawed individuals. So this is a love song to my sister goddesses out there to shine their inner beauty HARD. haha. And I would venture to let it include the feminine energy in men as well.

Recorded at Treasure Isle Recorders, Nashville TN
Produced & Mixed by Joe Carrell 
Mastered by Alan Silverman
Assistant Recording Engineer – Brandon Epps
Mixing Assistant – Leah Schattschneider
Electric Guitars – Jeff King
Bass – Jacob Lowery
Acoustic Guitar – Joel Key
Synth & Keys – David Dorn
Drums – Scott Williamson

Filmed by Midtown Motion Productions

In The Mix with Joe Carrell

Written by Elle Sera
Copyright 2019 Elle Sera. All Rights Reserved