ON HOLD ’til further notice! Sunday Night Jam at freebird in White Plains

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Open Jam
Every Sunday from 8-11pm
No cover. Easy parking. Great food.
Happy Hour drinks from 8-10pm

Back-line provided
Open to all musicians, singers, and music lovers
All instruments/genres/styles welcome
Covers, originals, full bands, duos, acoustic, electronic all encouraged
If you are a solo singer/artist the house band can back you up!

House band:
Michael Patrick Cesario
Jason Robins
Emanuel Cregan

Jam Mascot:
Damian Petta

The 10 Jammandments

1. Buy something! Support the venue by buying a drink and/or a meal.
2. Order of performance is at hosts’ discretion at all times. They may have to make changes on the fly sometimes. Don’t be a baby diva about it.
3. That said, signing up early probably won’t hurt your chances of playing earlier. You can only sign up for yourself, not anybody else.
4. Each set lasts 3 songs or 15 minutes max. Setup time counts against your total time. If you miss call you will be bumped to the bottom of list. No exceptions.
5. Be prepared BEFORE you get onstage. It makes it better for everyone. Know when you’re scheduled to play. Be in tune and have your equipment ready to go. Have your set-list chosen beforehand. When you’re done get off the stage asap!
6. Be supportive. Be polite. Clap your hands! No smack-talk of any kind.
7. Don’t play and leave. Hang out! Be a person! Have another one!
8. Play like you mean it. Have fun. Meet people.
9. Don’t take it too seriously. It’s not a competition and it’s not the end of the world.
10. No marathon opening set from the House Band.