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Emily Frederick instruments
Matt Garrison instruments

House Concert 7! Thank you so much everyone. We love you and miss you so very much. We are both filled with gratitude that you take the time to listen and watch us play!

Scroll & Reed really began in 2017 when saxophonist Matt Garrison and violinist Emily Frederick started dating! It was an inevitable outcome that they would play music together and Garrison began writing arrangements and original compositions for a duo situation. Both musician’s stylistic interests can be considered fairly eclectic and the songs chosen and written span a wide range of genres, from classical to jazz, pop to celtic. An improvisatory aspect is also utilized within these various song forms. Garrison and Frederick should also be considered multi-instrumentalists with Garrison also performing on flute, clarinet, and vocals, as well as all the saxophones, and Frederick playing keyboard and piano. Their deep personal relationship shines through in to the music and their rhythmic feel and melodic blend gives the illusion that there are more than just two people playing at one time. Scroll & Reed’s goal is to create new and exciting musical moments for its audience and hopes to bring to the stage a feeling for everyone to enjoy and experience.


Also, we will be streaming on Matt’s Facebook page as well as Instagram (halfstepmatt), and YouTube (halfstepmatt)